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Global Access Week 2023 – Global Solutions for Global Problems

6 - 10 March 2023 | London

Join us during the week 6 - 10 March for a series of seminars and networking opportunities with legal experts from our Global Access firms where we will aim to answer the most pressing questions being asked by insurance professionals.

Global Access firms share a passion and commitment to see the insurance market, and the people within it, thrive. Working together Global Access lawyers provide the insurance world with a truly collaborative way of accessing smart insurance law solutions across multiple jurisdictions.

    • An integrated team of legal expertise, specialising in insurance law
    • Collaboration between over 2000 lawyers across 43 offices worldwide
    • Expertise in helping clients with cross-border insurance needs
    • Cutting-edge insight and training on global insurance law issues of the day
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Monday, 6 March: Networking

Networking activities between clients and Global Access lawyers

Tuesday, 7 March : Large litigation seminars

Large litigation requires different strategies, different mindsets and different skills. These practical sessions will provide insights from different countries on the effective (and cost-effective) management of large litigation.

  • 12.00pm: Managing complex litigation: managing the parties
  • 12:45pm: Lunch
  • 1.15pm: Managing complex litigation: managing the market

Wednesday, 8 March: ESG

In the first session, we will focus on the many global risks to directors and officers, and consider how D&O insurance may need to evolve. In the second session, we will look specifically at the E of ESG, the environment, and how environmental claims may develop in the future

  • 12.00pm: D&O ESG and other risks
  • 12.45pm: Lunch
  • 1.15pm: Environment: Claims, regulation and compliance

Thursday, 9 March: Cyber and technology

Technology often focuses on the future, but insurance must also keep its eyes firmly on the present. What, in 2023, are the global risks posed by technology and the digital age, by cryptocurrencies and the metaverse, by the internet of things and the sharing economy?

  • 12.00pm: Technological risks
  • 12.45pm: Lunch
  • 1.15pm: Digital risks
  • 6.00pm: Global Access Week party

Friday, 10 March: Networking

Networking activities between clients and Global Access lawyers

Global Access Lawyers forms the alliance of 6 of the world's leading law firms.

Working together with shared strategic objectives and values, with the collective purpose of providing clients with Global Access to the best insurance law advice and client service, wherever in the world they might need it.
We are more than a network.