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Globalisation and increased connectivity of insureds has seen policy wordings evolve and triggered by incidents and events occurring outside of the insured's own jurisdictional boundaries.

Global policy programmes combining master and local policy wordings mean the coverage scenarios presented to insurers have international dimensions making them increasingly complex.

Global Access firms are well versed in handling international and cross border coverage issues and together, provide insurers with access to the best local expertise in the jurisdictions covered. Beyond that, the firms have a strong network of law firms across the globe from which to pick the right lawyer for the job. Across all classes of insurance and reinsurance business Global Access coverage lawyers are expert in navigating clients through to resolution of complex coverage disputes via arbitration, litigation, mediation and a variety other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. Where governing law and jurisdiction clauses require local law expertise, clients know that Global Access Lawyers provides them with the best local advice available.

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1. Insurance Specialists

Each member firm is recognised for having an established, independent insurance practice. This means Global Access Lawyers provides the insurance market with access to offices with the strength, depth and breadth that many satellite offices cannot rival. So, as well as being specialists, Global Access offices can support the insurance market with the smallest to the largest or the simplest to the most complex of challenges (across multiple lines of business).

Clients know they are working with Global Access Lawyers not just because of where they are but because of what they are – market leading insurance specialists with a shared view on the importance of client service and finding smart insurance law solutions to help their clients.

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2. Collaboration

3. Client Focused

Global Access firms share two very important values:

  • The desire to make clients look good; and
  • The need to make clients' lives easier.

Everything else flows from there.

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4. Leading The Debate

Independent thinking, collective expression

Global Access Lawyers supports the insurance industry by leveraging the collective capability of member firms, to deliver cutting edge insight and training on global insurance law issues of the day.


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